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Serbuk bunga melur. 1000gm.

Jasmine is botanically known as Jasminum officinale var. grandiflorum, and the plant belongs to the Oleaceae faily of herbs that are also known as the Olive family.  

Jasminecontains the following components - Pyrridine alkaloids, Volatile oil, etheric oil, benzilic acetate, jasmon, benzilic alcohol, linalcohol and indole. These chemicals give Jasmine its aphrodisiac and other health related benefits.  

Jasmine is alos used as a skin tonic as it has the power to calm skin afflictions due to itching, dermatitis, sunstroke and even leprosy. The herb can be used to resolve dry and sensitive skin conditions. The herb when applied externally helps in increasing skin elasticity and in removing stretchmarks.

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