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Mengandungi Vitamin E 45.49mg/100gm .

Restores and rejuvenates dehydrated skin.

Treatment Of Stretch Marks

Stimulates Hair Growth

Lightens Scars

Mengandungi Vitamin E 45.49mg/100gm.

How to Use Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E oil is found in many creams and lotions, most commonly in sunscreens, anti-aging moisturizers and skin brighteners. There are different ways to use vitamin E, depending on what you are hoping to treat:

Wrinkles: Wrinkles come from age, free radical damage, improper skin care and poor habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol in excess. According to the book Healing with Vitamins: The Most Effective Vitamin and Mineral Treatments for Everyday Health Problems and Serious Disease, vitamin E oil prevents the formation of wrinkles by blocking free radical damage. It treats wrinkles by boosting collagen production, a connective tissue that keeps skin elastic. Vitamin E oil also treats wrinkles by supporting new skin cell growth and speeding up cell regeneration.

Brown Spots: Brown spots on the skin are caused by aging, free radical damage and poor liver function. Vitamin E oil prevents and repairs free radical damage. When applied topically to brown spots on the skin, it helps to lighten and smooth the rough skin by lubricating cell membranes and encouraging cell regeneration.

Cuticles: Pure vitamin E oil is also an effective treatment for dry, cracked cuticles. Applying a few drops of vitamin E oil to nails and cuticles helps to rehydrate and smooth them as well as prevent future cracks.

Rough Skin: Vitamin E oil provides the skin with necessary moisture as well as antioxidants for intense healing. However, pure vitamin E oil is not ideal as a daily moisturizer because it is so thick and sticky. An intense vitamin E oil bedtime therapy is ideal for concentrated skin healing and preservation. Mix vitamin E oil with olive oil for smooth application and added therapy. Olive oil contains oleic acid, which makes skin more permeable and able to hold in necessary moisture.


Dry Lips: Just as vitamin E oil can help with rough skin, it can help soften dry lips.


How to use:

1. Apply onto skin.

2. Mixed into many cosmetic and bath products for its benefits, as well as its antioxidants properties

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